Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speechless...Sort Of

Having nothing to say can be a good thing, but it doesn't do much for a blog I suppose. Actually there is plenty to say, just not always the words to get them said properly. So I've managed to resist the urge to babble lately.

Fortunately, my friends Gary (Forest Wisdom ), Justin (Dhamma Reflections) and Tahn Manapo (Dhamma Diary) keep me inspired and on track with their consistent generosity and wisdom. All have a wonderful knack for pointing out areas that are in need of attention that I have either neglected or missed entirely. You are all greatly appreciated!


G said...

Sometimes I think I should have less to say, Kris, so you're probably onto a good thing as far as the development of the Path is concerned!

Thanks for your kind words regarding myself as well as Tahn Manapo & Justin (both of whom I read too). Any positive influence that 'Forest Wisdom' has on its readers is really down to the Buddha and subsequent teachers of the Dharma. I accept your appreciation on their behalf.

G at 'Forest Wisdom'.

puthujjana said...

Hi Gary,

For me, what you say, and more important, how you say it is just right.


Dhamma81 said...

Thanks Kris. I agree with what Gary said, maybe "less is better" as they say.

I read your post at the Abhayagiri forum about the fire ants and sweeping the mounds and it was pretty interesting. I never would have thought that something like that could work.

Be well in your practice.

puthujjana said...

Hi Justin. Yes, I'm still herding ants! It does sound strange to most people. They just do what they do and I don't take it personally.I just can't leave it up to them to chose where they do it.:-)
Unfortunately it's not so simple when it comes to termites. Here in Florida, as I'm sure you know, they will eat the house-literally! So the exterminator comes once a year for a preventative treatment. No getting around it.