Friday, February 22, 2008


You just never know when a new door is about to swing open. As I was reading a teaching by Ajahn Sucitto this morning I came to a word that I had never seen before. That word is atammayata, which means ’not making anything out of it’. That sounds so very simple and basic, but in this practice I learned pretty quickly that most things are anything but. It is, after all, what we spend our entire lives doing - making something out of it all.

Letting go is also much easier said than done. I know that sometimes I’ve conned myself into believing that I’ve let go of something, only to discover that all I really managed is to move it to the back burner - where it had been slowly simmering all along. It seems to me that arriving at atammayata is a pre-requisite to truly letting go. I found this teaching very powerful , and a door slowly opened..if only a crack.

Here is the teaching by Ajahn Sucitto.

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G said...

There are two main kinds of letting go, aren't there, Kris? There's the moment by moment letting go that enables the mind to detach from a desire and the suffering that it would create. And then there's the complete letting go of such a desire and any potential suffering which denotes being an ariya-puggala. Each progressive level of 'noble person' has let go of more hindrances to enlightenment than the previous one. An Arahant has let go of them all.

May we all one day realize Arahantship. But in the meantime, let us keep on letting go!

G at 'Forest Wisdom'.