Saturday, November 15, 2008

Election Results

The recent political extravaganza here in the US was something to behold, no doubt about it. And when it came to peoples hot buttons, might say it was a target rich environment. We are human, after all. Views and opinions abound. Some that we may not even be aware of tend to emerge at times like these. It was like a huge kamma generating machine, with Mara at the controls. There's a visual, huh?


G said...

Mara's always at the controls, isn't he? It's when we let go of the controlling instinct that we start to see beyond views and opinions to the light beyond. And, in this light of awareness, there's nobody at the helm, no one controlling things, just natural processes going their own way.

G at 'Buddha Space'.

puthujjana said...

It seems that I've got a bit of a faulty switch! Often by the time I see a flicker of light, Mara already has his finger on the button. Aren't we all basically learning to rewire while working in the dark?


G said...

And, when the button's been pushed...BOOM!

It's a gradual process of awakening to the way things are, isn't it, Kris? One thing to remember is that we are suffering beings, and as such deserve our own compassion. It's easy to become frustrated and angry with ourselves for failing to match our high standards of practice. Instead of judging ourselves, however, we need to be sympathetic with our unenlightened, suffering selves. This way, we encourage an opening up to accepting things as they are, which is a prelude to awakening to more peaceful states of mind.


puthujjana said...

Yes,you're so right,Gary. Compassion for myself has been something I've had a tough time learning. Not an easy task. But it is a gradual process. Thankfully, what once produced a BOOM! now produces only a pfftt! more and more often. LOL! There is hope.