Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello Mara...

Barely into sort of an experimental personal retreat, Mara makes his presence known. To have expected anything less would have been's all good.


Gary said...

Welcoming Mara is the wise thing to do, Kris, don't you think?

Resisting Mara's advances is better than indulging in them, but to simply sit back and watch Mara will find him out - as with all conditioned things, he will cease his efforts to lead you away from the Dhamma eventually.

In the meantime, observing Mara's movements and the mind states relating to him can be of deep, deep reflective value. Having a comfortable, easy retreat isn't really what it's about, is it? Whatever arises is right, right now. Being awake to the way things are, whether good, bad, or indifferent, is the gateway to liberation.

I don't usually think about delusion and other negative states in terms of 'Mara', Kris, but you got me thinking there!

Be well,
G, at Forest Wisdom.

puthujjana said...

Hi Gary,

Oh, if this was comfortable and easy I'd be very suspicious that I was even more deluded than normal! Ha! Actually this experience feels more like Dhamma boot camp than whatever my notions of a retreat might be. I'm not used to having other "retreatants" around. Very helpful...and challenging.

"Mara" helps me to not over analyze. It is what it is right now, no more no less.


Piyal Walpola, MD, PhD said...

Hi Kris

I just discovered your blog. Your posts amazing! Thank you. keep posting. I have added it to my blog.

puthujjana said...

Hi Dr. Walpola,

Thanks so much for visiting, and for the encouragement. I've cut my online time to a minimum for November, but I did check out your blog. It obviously deserves more time and attention, so I look forward to exploring more thoroughly in December.